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A cozy living room with a stylish couch, coffee table, and art on the walls.

5 Rookie Apartment Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Did you just sign the lease for your first apartment?

The hard part is over - you've made your decision. You have great views and are in a great location. You even have great amenities.

Now it's time for the fun part: apartment decorating!

However, there are some apartment decorating mistakes you will want to avoid. If you arent sure what those are, keep reading to learn what to avoid and how to decorate an apartment that you love!

1. Don't Get a Small Area Rug

If you are thinking about getting a rug for your living room area, our biggest piece of apartment decorating advice is to make sure that the rug is big enough for the space.

You don't want it to go in between every piece of furniture to have it sit in the middle of the room. It should be big enough to fit under the couch and pretty much around the entire room.

2. Hang Wisely

When it comes to getting a few pieces of artwork to hang in your first apartment, you may be ready to throw them up onto the walls right away. But you'll want to get other furniture first to make sure you are not hanging it too high - that would look awkward.

If you can't decide what looks best just by looking at it, err on the side of going lower rather than higher.

3. Go Easy on the Throws

A lot of times, when you see throw pillows in stores, there are a lot of them thrown across the bed. While it may look good there, it's not the style you should go for in your apartment.

Just because the store does it, they're trying to sell you the pillows, not tell you how to decorate.

You should aim to have 4-5 throw pillows on your bed (and this includes the bigger ones with shams!).

4. Do Not Forget About Comfort

When you are decorating, one of the biggest decoration mistakes is seeing something cute that you want - a couch, a chair, or a table that catches your eye.

You want to try out that piece of furniture before you get it. If it is not comfortable, you're going to end up hating that piece of furniture. You should always opt for comfort over style!

5. Don't Rely on All Overhead Lights

You want to be able to mix up the lighting in your apartment. This means you should try out a floor lamp in one room and potentially hang wall lighting in another room.

Adding different types of lighting can create different dimensions in your apartment.

Apartment Decorating: Do It Right

If you are about to be apartment decorating, you want to avoid these mistakes! It's better to do it right the first time than have to do it all over again.

If you read this as you're thinking about moving into an apartment but don't have one yet, you're in the right place! Contact us to find your new cozy home today! You'll know exactly what to do when you move in.