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Spacious Living room showcasing a plush couch, elegant coffee table, and beautiful artwork.

How You Can Bring Luxury Living to Your Home Life

The lap of luxury lives on! 36% of Americans rent an apartment or house. 

Renting an apartment is often associated with lower-income people. But you can achieve luxury living while you live in an apartment, even an inexpensive one. An easy way is to add small touches, which you can start doing today. 

How can you change the colors and textures in your apartment? What rooms should you change? What materials should you add to your space? 

Answer these questions and you can have luxury apartment living in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Add Some Plants

Plants can do several things for your luxurious living. They can make your apartment seem bigger by replicating the outdoors. They can add splashes of color and texture you can't get with artworks and other features. 

Feel free to add any plants you want. Exotic flowers like plumerias have flashier colors and leaves than common flowers like carnations. If you're worried about caring for your flowers, you can get preserved or artificial flowers that last for years.

Try Neutral Hues

Neutral shades can provide a calming aesthetic and vibe to your luxury apartments. Gray is a good interior color because you can match it with many materials like glass and steel. If you prefer a stronger color, you can paint your walls in a shade of white. 

If you don't want to paint your walls, you can add adhesive wallpaper. Wallpaper is best for small rooms, as you can put it up and take it down easily.

Prioritize the Kitchen and Bathroom

Improving your entire apartment can be labor-intensive and expensive. If time and money are limitations to you, you should focus on your kitchen and bathroom. These are the two areas you use the most, and you can do several things in each room. 

You can do a kitchen and bathroom remodel and install new appliances. But you can also add new tiles and lights to make your rooms more inviting and accessible. If you have elderly people over, you should install grab rails so they can get around easier.

Be Decorative

When you add small decorative touches, you should find high-end materials. You can buy gold or solid wood picture and mirror frames and place them throughout your apartment. You can buy vintage books and place them on your shelves. 

When you want to get new furniture, try getting velvet pieces. They are sturdy, and they can add warmth and color to your apartment. 

Enjoy True Luxury Living

Luxury living is within your reach. Add some plants, especially exotic and expensive plants with vibrant colors. Neutral colors on your walls can be calming, and you can put adhesive wallpaper easily. 

Prioritize improving your kitchen and bathroom, as well as any other spaces you use regularly. Replace your old lighting fixtures with energy-efficient task lights and make your rooms more accessible. When you want to decorate, try adding premium materials like gold, solid wood, and velvet. 

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