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Living room with a Comfortable couch , chairs and a Dining table

Luxury Apartment Living: Your Interior Design Trend Guide

Did you know that the Eames lounge chair was first made in 1956 and is still popular today? This goes to show that luxury interior design trends aren't fleeting and continue to look fresh for years.

And if you own an apartment, luxury interiors are 100% worth the investment. You will likely have less space to decorate, meaning you will spend less money on decor. Plus, apartments are often newer builds and so modern, luxury design is a compatible style choice.

But what exactly is luxury apartment living and how can you achieve it? This guide has all the luxury design tips and tricks you need to style your upmarket home.

Quality Over Quantity

Luxury apartments do not have walls filled with nick-nacks and clutter. They have fewer but more intentional and striking pieces. You don't have space for tons of junk when you're luxury apartment living anyway!

Instead of hanging five mass-produced prints around your living room, buy one beautiful painting from a local artist. Instead of placing dozens of small house plants around your kitchen, choose one or two larger ones.

Minimalist and Monochrome

Most luxury apartment interiors have a minimalist design. This not only means having fewer quality items, but it also means avoiding too many patterns and colors.

Choose a monochrome color palette whether that's black and white, blue hues, green hues, or another color. This will give your apartment one cohesive look.

Add Layers of Textures

Instead of giving your apartment personality with patterns, opt for more textures and a variety of materials. Choose real wood furniture, soft wool throws, solid metal copper bar stools, and a real leather couch. 

You don't need to blow your budget on new furniture. You can find great second-hand and upcycled pieces too. As long as you're choosing unique items made with quality materials, you won't go far wrong.

Let the Light Shine In

When you think of luxury apartment living, do you imagine dark basements? Or do you imagine white, bright, and light living spaces? It's always the latter!

Place lamps on every side table and use candles to increase the amount of light in your apartment. Hang more mirrors to help give your apartment the illusion of more space and natural light too.

Invest in Multiuse Furniture

When you live in a smaller space, you might not have room for a home office, media room, and second bedroom. That doesn't mean you can't have a luxurious apartment, though!

Buy a coffee table with drawers and tall bookcases that stretch to your ceiling for more storage. Opt for soft swivel chairs for your dining room table so it can double as a home office set-up. 

Luxury Apartment Living Is Within Your Reach

Luxury apartment living might seem like an oxymoron, but it's far from it. And if you follow the tips in this guide, you will be able to install a luxury interior design in your apartment without maxing out your budget.

Looking to lease a new luxury apartment in North Dallas? Check out what we have to offer and contact us today!