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Spacious Living room showcasing a plush couch and elegant coffee table.

Luxury Living: What Is a Luxury Apartment?

Are you looking to set yourself apart from the other 82.8 million homeowners across America? There's no better way to do this than by investing in a luxurious apartment. These comfortable and spacious homes are not only a status symbol but also are a way to make your life more relaxing and peaceful.

But what is luxury apartment living, exactly? What determines a 'luxury apartment' and sets it apart from other living spaces? Read on to answer these questions and begin finding the perfect home for you.

What Defines a Luxury Apartment?

Unfortunately, there is no single definition of what a 'luxury apartment' is. However, some of the features that you likely will find in such a home include high ceilings, large rooms, and high-quality materials throughout the apartment (real marble, natural stone, heavy woods, etc).

It's easier to see what makes a luxury apartment comfortable than it is to put it in words. However, comfortable spaces generally include minimalist aesthetics, accent walls, and hardwood flooring. The decor can vary based on your individual tastes.

Most luxury apartments also are set apart by their amenities. Standard apartments may often have upscale spaces like a rooftop lounge, but these amenities are few and far between. In a luxury building, you can expect features such as:

  • Private parking with a covered lot
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Rooftops with outdoor seating
  • An area for outdoor cooking and grilling
  • A community pool and/or hot tub
  • Game rooms and fitness recreation areas
  • A place for a dog to exercise and play outdoors

While not all venues will have each and every one of these features, you're sure to encounter a few of them at a luxury apartment.

Advantages of Luxury Apartment Living

Renting an apartment in a luxury facility is a surefire way to improve your life. There are many ways that this investment can enrich your mental and physical well-being. The buying process is no more difficult than that of a standard apartment, and you get a ton of amazing perks.

A Comfortable Lifestyle

Studies show that those who live in smaller apartments tend to be more stressed out. Their mental health is impacted negatively because of the lack of space. When these same individuals live in larger apartments, they experience significantly lower levels of anxiety than they did when they lived in small spaces.

Renting a luxury apartment gives you the room that you need to breathe. You won't crash into your belongings and furniture because there will be plenty of space for it. The high ceilings also feel luxurious, especially when combined with the bright lighting that your home comes with.

Space isn't the only thing that makes luxury apartments better for your mental health. You also will have windows that give you the appropriate amount of natural light. Combined with private outdoor balconies and seating areas, you will get the Vitamin D you need to stave off anxiety and depression.

A Thriving Community

The size of luxury apartments doesn't make them any less intimate. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to meet people with similar values and mindsets as the ones you hold dear.

Luxury living spaces tend to have spacious common areas in which people can gather and talk. They also have things like fitness centers and cooking areas where people can exercise, eat, and go about their daily tasks together.

Communities like Park Fountains pride themselves on bringing tenants who value comfort and style together. You're sure to meet someone with who you can foster a lifelong friendship.

A-Grade Security

While all apartments strive to be safe and secure, a lot of lower-end ones miss the mark. The gated community and standing security guard make your home much safer than those outside of luxury communities.

You also will have heavy locks on your door that cannot be opened without proper authentication. Since most burglars break in through an unlocked door or window, this is critical for both you and your belongings to remain safe. High-quality locks and alarm systems are both huge deterrents for criminals, and luxury apartments invest in both.

Where Can You Find High-End Apartments for Rent?

Finding luxury apartments at a reasonable price can be challenging. However, it's completely possible to enjoy spacious apartments with design-driven finishes at an affordable price. You simply need to browse available Park Fountains floor plans and decide on the en-suite features that matter most to you.

It's also important to consider the number of people who you will be living with. If you're looking for a bachelor pad, there are plenty of studio apartments available. You can also opt for a spacious one-bedroom with your partner or a three-bedroom to split rent with your friends.

Whatever you choose to do, check out the specials that we're currently offering. This is critical when looking for a luxury living space. You're sure to find some discounts on rent and amazing offerings to make living in your dream home a reality.

Browse Beautiful Homes Today

Now that you know what luxury apartment living entails, it's time to begin looking for your dream home. Contact us to schedule a tour of one of our gorgeous properties.

Our experts are happy to answer any remaining questions that you have and to help you find the perfect apartment for your needs. Since we're committed to bringing you the stylish lifestyle that you deserve, we look forward to leasing to you soon.