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Safety and Security: Why Preston Hollow is a Great Place to Live

Preston Hollow, located in North Dallas, is an exceptional neighborhood that offers a secure living environment for individuals prioritizing safety and security in their apartment search. As one of the most affluent and desirable residential areas in the region, Preston Hollow stands out for its low crime rates, thriving community initiatives, and an array of security features. This article aims to shed light on why Preston Hollow is an excellent choice for those seeking a safe and secure place to call home.


When searching for an apartment, safety and security are paramount concerns. It is crucial to find a neighborhood that provides peace of mind and fosters a sense of security. Preston Hollow offers precisely that—a tranquil haven where residents can thrive without compromising on their well-being. In this article, we will explore the various aspects that make Preston Hollow an exceptional choice for individuals who prioritize safety and security in their residential preferences.

Overview of Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow is a highly sought-after neighborhood situated in North Dallas, known for its elegance and affluence. The area boasts stunning residential properties, lush green spaces, and a close-knit community. With its tree-lined streets, upscale shopping centers, and proximity to excellent schools, Preston Hollow presents a remarkable living experience.

Low Crime Rates in Preston Hollow

One of the most significant factors that contribute to Preston Hollow's reputation as a safe neighborhood is its impressively low crime rates. Compared to other areas in Dallas, Preston Hollow consistently maintains a remarkably low crime rate. Statistics and data support this claim, reassuring residents of their safety and providing a secure environment for families and individuals alike.

Community Initiatives and Neighborhood Watch Programs

Preston Hollow takes great pride in its strong community initiatives and active neighborhood watch programs. These initiatives play a vital role in promoting safety and security within the neighborhood. Residents actively participate in various programs that aim to keep the community safe, such as neighborhood patrols, community outreach, and crime prevention seminars. The collaborative efforts of residents and local law enforcement agencies ensure a vigilant and secure living environment.

Security Features in Apartments

Apartment complexes in Preston Hollow prioritize the safety and security of their residents. With gated entrances, advanced surveillance systems, and secure access controls, these complexes offer peace of mind to their inhabitants. The security features implemented in these apartments ensure that residents feel protected within their living spaces, contributing to an overall secure living environment.

Police Presence and Emergency Services

Preston Hollow benefits from an active police presence, with law enforcement agencies committed to maintaining the safety and security of the neighborhood. Police officers are readily available and responsive, providing residents with a sense of safety. Moreover, emergency services in Preston Hollow have a quick response time, ensuring that help is readily accessible when needed.

Safety of Public Spaces and Recreation Areas

Preston Hollow offers an abundance of well-maintained public spaces and recreation areas, designed with safety in mind. Parks are well-lit, walking trails are secure, and security patrols ensure a pleasant outdoor experience for residents. Families can enjoy quality time in safe environments, promoting a healthy and secure lifestyle.

Safe School Districts

For families with children, the safety of school districts is of utmost importance. Preston Hollow's school districts prioritize safety, implementing robust security protocols and safety training. With the presence of school resource officers and proactive measures, parents can be confident in their children's well-being while they receive an education in a secure environment.

Safe Transportation Options

Residents of Preston Hollow benefit from safe transportation options within and around the neighborhood. The roads are well-maintained, public transportation is efficient, and pedestrian pathways are easily accessible. These transportation options ensure safe and convenient commuting, further enhancing the overall safety of the neighborhood.

Safe Shopping and Entertainment Opportunities

The shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Preston Hollow prioritize safety. These establishments employ security measures such as surveillance cameras, well-trained staff, and parking lot safety protocols. Residents can enjoy their shopping and entertainment experiences without compromising their security and well-being.

Close-knit Community and Supportive Environment

Preston Hollow fosters a close-knit community and a supportive environment, where neighbors look out for one another. The sense of community is palpable, with neighborly interactions, community events, and mutual assistance. This supportive atmosphere not only enhances residents' quality of life but also contributes to the overall safety and security of the neighborhood.

Real Estate Market and Property Values

Living in a safe neighborhood like Preston Hollow offers long-term benefits, including the positive impact on property values. The reputation for safety and security enhances the desirability of the area, making it an excellent investment for homeowners. Choosing to live in Preston Hollow not only ensures a secure living environment but also holds the potential for a sound financial decision.


In conclusion, Preston Hollow stands out as an exceptional neighborhood for individuals prioritizing safety and security in their apartment search. With its low crime rates, thriving community initiatives, security features in apartments, active police presence, and well-maintained public spaces, Preston Hollow provides residents with a secure living environment. From safe school districts to convenient transportation options and enjoyable shopping experiences, this neighborhood offers a holistic approach to safety and security. If you seek a place where you can live with peace of mind, Preston Hollow should undoubtedly be on your list of top choices.