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The Benefits of Living in a Luxury Apartment Community

17% of Americans currently live in an apartment or condo.

Luxury apartment buildings are springing up all over the United States, giving you amazing advantages to regular apartment living. In fact, The Atlantic recently argued that these types of buildings are necessary and that the US needs more of them to help solve our housing crisis.

In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the advantages of luxury apartment living and why it might be the best choice for you.

Read on for more information about why luxury apartments are the place to live.

No Exterior Maintenance

This is one benefit of apartment living in general but also comes with luxury apartments. If you like to garden or landscape, this might be a con, but if you're only looking for a place to unwind after a busy day, this makes apartment living perfect.

You won't need to spend a dime, or a moment, on cleaning your windows from the outside, maintaining a lawn, or anything else that comes with owning a home or land.

You'll be free to focus on the interior of your home and that alone.

Gorgeous Countertops

If you love the modern and clean white aesthetic, then Park Fountains at Preston Hollow is perfect for you. Our apartments are fitted with gorgeous quartz countertops that rival any luxury space. This makes your kitchen look gorgeous and airy, as well as serving as a strong and functional countertop.

You'll be ready to entertain guests in a gorgeous and welcoming interior.

Free Covered Parking

Covered parking is included with your apartment, meaning you don't have to park your car outside and expose it to the elements. While it rarely gets too cold in Texas, your car won't overheat, be outside, and subject to vandalism or get rained on. You'll also be protected from dreaded birds that might fly by and use your car as a toilet.


Forget your gym membership; you won't have an excuse not to work out anymore as our apartments have gyms located in the building. With weights, exercise bikes, and stair steppers, you'll be in the best shape of your life in no time. You also can't beat the commute to the gym from your apartment!

Modern Renovations

All of our apartments in Park Fountains boast recent renovations and are thoroughly modern. With a clean white vibe throughout the apartment, you'll get a modern shower, modern sinks, and up-to-date appliances. Everything looks and feels new, partially because it is.

Modern renovations mean that it is easier to keep your home clean. You don't have to contend with old pipes, dust, or anything many old apartments come with. This means fewer problems with your appliances and amenities.

With a white interior, you'll have a fully blank canvas to work with and create your perfect home environment. Or, you can leave it as-is for a clean and sleek minimalist look.

Central Location

Park Fountains is located centrally in Dallas, giving you access to your favorite activities and restaurants. In some cases, you won't even have to take your car out of the garage to eat at your favorite restaurant or go to your favorite activity.

Our community frequently advertises and posts about things to do in and around Dallas, making sure you're never bored on your weekends or downtime.

With the city coming to life again since COVID19, living in a centrally located area is the perfect way to explore again. Whether you're new to Dallas or rediscovering it after the horrors of 2020, you'll be glad you're in the right place.

Pet Friendly

Your best friend is more than welcome to come live with you at Park Fountain. You can have two pets live with you, as long as they are under 80lbs. We know that for some people, a house isn't a home without a cat or dog, so we're making sure you feel welcome.

With such a central location, dog lovers can easily take their best friends on long walks with them.

We wouldn't want you to move without parts of your family, so we welcome your pets as the family members they are.

Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors

Do you love the clean and sophisticated look of hardwood floors? Great! Our apartments have them throughout our homes. This means you don't have to fool with the hassle of carpets and cleaning them; you'll only need to clean your own floor, which is super easy to maintain.

One and Two-Bedroom Units

Whether you're moving in with your partner, roommates, or your kids or on your own, you'll have the opportunity to have one or two bedrooms for your needs. If you're working from home, a two-bedroom apartment can serve you quite nicely, as you can turn the spare room into a home office. This is perfect for those who are permanently working from home due to COVID.

Apartment Living at Its Finest

If you're looking for the perfect apartment living in Dallas, Park Fountains is for you. With clean and modern facilities and appliances, a gym, hand-scraped hardwood floors, and beautiful quartz countertops, you'll want for nothing during your time here. Whether you move into one of our one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments, we're sure you'll love everything about our little community.

If you're interested in calling Park Fountains your home, have a look at our floor plans to see if one interests you. Or, get in touch with us today.