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What Is Involved in Luxury Apartment Living?

The penthouse in the CitySpire building, in New York, is considered one of the most luxurious apartments in the world. It comes with an eat-in chef's kitchen, 135 windows, a bathroom with bronze fixtures, a large chandelier, and an entryway that imitates that of Versailles.

But, what is a luxury apartment, and how does it differ from a standard one? Surely there's more to it than lots of windows, right? Absolutely; a luxury apartment fits the category depending on a variety of factors.

In fact, the differences are more noticeable than you might think. They're not common examples you hear about, like golden sinks or diamond-coated tiles. If you're curious then you should keep reading, as you might be in for quite a surprise!


Location: Key for Luxury Apartment Living

When it comes to real estate, including those looking to buy an apartment, location is always an important variable. But, in this case, it's a little different. A "nice" neighborhood isn't enough. You know you've found the best luxury apartment location when it's near unique landmarks, offers a spectacular and rare view, and provides easy access to anything one might need from nearby locations. Of course, if you're searching for apartments for rent in Preston Hollow, you'll want one that combines all three.

Subtle Luxury Features

While rare metals and flashy surfaces might distract some, subtle designs are where real value hides. Walk-in closets, spacious or multiple balconies, wiring for fast internet speeds, and hardwood floors, are the most overlooked qualities for luxury apartment living. Things like smart technologies, like voice-command light switches, while impressive, are things you can install at a later date.

Communal Spaces

While a luxury apartment gives you a special place in the world to make a home, you'll probably be seeing other people regularly. So, what better way to do so than in the same building with different communal spaces? Luxury apartments almost always have at least a few. Some include a fitness room, indoor pool, sauna, game room, lounge, and movie theater. They're a great way to take a break from an incredible living space, and spend some time in another incredible living space!

Living Space

If you're looking around for luxury apartments in North Dallas, for example, you'd do well in keeping an eye out for apartments that offer large living spaces. It's the first sign of luxury when entering the apartment, right after examining its exterior presentation. More room, and rooms, means it's easier to move around, hang exotic art, and makes it easier to keep pets

Finding Luxury Apartments for Rent

Before making any investment, it's essential to gather information. The more, the better. When it comes to luxury apartment living, it's a good idea to skip over the flashy presentations. Consider taking a closer look at how much useable space there is, the presence of unique features in the area, and unique architecture like walk-in closets. Communal spaces aren't a must, but they only add to the overall experience.

Contact us if you're interested in luxury apartment living and need some help finding exactly what you're looking for. We'll guide you from start to finish!